This graphic won a press association award. I asked the photographer to take photos of our co-workers/models fighting for something like tug o’ war. She gave me photos of them climbing? I made it work. The judge: “Visually appealing and dynamic – good technical skill, impactful.”


This is an illustration I created in InDesign. It won an award with The Missouri Press Association. I don’t remember for what exactly. Most Legal Terms on a Dart Board Award, probably. I was pleased with the darts.


There’s nothing too exciting about this ad. But behind the scenes… I didn’t have the font they used for DBJ. I found a font that was close, made it outlines and modified it to match. Only I knew, until now. True Designer Confessions.

Lucky Bamboo

My niece gifted me a plant. I then gifted her a painting of my bathroom. This painting of my bathroom is now hanging in her kitchen. Gross.


If you happen to have a law library at the top of a civil courts building and need a logo, hit me up!

Broken Dreams

My boss made a point to tell me how much he loved this idea. I’m thinking maybe the idea he loved was dinner. I broke the plate in Photoshop. No dishes were harmed in the making of this paper.


Bigotes is a bilingual cat that lives in the woods and hates littering! Designed for a friend’s book using InDesign.

Game Over

A friend asked me to Photoshop her daughter’s face on to her favorite character and her brother-in-law into a game casket. I had nothing better to do during a global pandemic.